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A Shopping Guide To The Best Drone Cameras Of 2016

The Best Drone cameras of 2016

Are you looking to shop around for a drone with camera that will be the most useful to your photography efforts? If so, you will need to do your due diligence in shopping for the best drone cameras of 2016. This will give you the chance to shop around with some of the best retailers in the landscape. With this in mind, read on and take full advantage of this list of four of the best drone cameras of 2016 so that you can shop for the greatest prices possible.

#1: The DJI Phantom 4

This camera is excellent because it has some of the most expensive features on the market. In terms of video resolution, you will be able to switch between 720 P, 1080 P, 4K and 2.7 K resolutions. This camera features 12 megapixels and features a wonderful and useful app that will allow you to control the drone when it is in flight.

#2: The Xiro Xplorer G

This drone camera allows you to control its flight by using the application on your cell phone, tablet or other device. It features the capability to use live video feeds and also has a return to home flight feature. This drone is sleek and useful, regardless of what sort of photographs are looking to take.

#3: The Horizon Hobby Blade

When you want a drone camera that is excellent in terms of resolution and capabilities, this is a great way to go about it. It features a 4K resolution camera and also has resolution options of 720 P and 1080 P. In terms of megapixels, this camera has 12 and has a number of different storage solutions, including microSD and microSDXC. it has gotten excellent reviews from people who have used it and is best able to dip your toe in the water as an entry-level drone.

#4: The Parrot Bebop

This drone camera system is approximately 14 ounces in weight, making it one of the most lighter options on the market. It has high quality 1080 P resolution video with 14 megapixels for photographs. The hard drive is internal and it does not feature external hard drive space.

You will be able to put your money to best use when you shop around for these different drone camera models from retailers all over the World Wide Web.

These examples will provide you the opportunity to make the most out of your drone camera purchase. You owe it to yourself to get exactly what you need out of your shopping process by knowing some of the best drone cameras on the market, which will give you the best aerial photography possible. Factor in these tips so that you are able to shop for these different models and brands, which will allow you to send it in flight in order to help you with any sort of aerial photography that you are interested in.


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