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How Reliable Is The Avs Video Converter?

With the numerous video converters available in the market, it becomes a bit challenging and confusing for users to make up their mind. With the long list of converters to choose from, the AVS Video Converter has successfully managed to prove itself in terms of features, reliability, efficiency and performance. The AVS Video Converter is an excellent choice if you are aiming for a flawless and effective video converting experience. This exclusive video converter will never fail to give you the results you need. Also, all its amazing features are designed having your needs and convenience in mind.

About the Program Features
AVS Video Converter allows users to convert video files easily from one format to another including WMV, MP4 and AVI. This utilizes wizard-style interface which can be easily navigated by the users of different levels of expertise from novices to pro.

The key features of AVS Video Converter are as follows:
- Converts between all major video formats like TS, TOD, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, WMV, MP4 and more.
- Converts video for several devices including the presets to properly convert videos for Android tablets and iOs devices.
- Manages high definition camera videos, edit these HD videos, add menus and convert these to any supported video format.
- Converts and shared videos and converts videos to F4V, FLV and more. AVS Video Converter also creates HTML pages with FLV or F4V embedded videos.
- Creates personal Blue-ray or DVD videos or convert from or to Blue-ray or DVD formats. AVS Video Converter also cuts, applies and adds colorful Blue-ray or DVD menus.
- Multilingual support

The Pros and the Cons of AVS Video Converter

The following are some of the advantages and drawbacks of this video converter.

- This can covert almost all video files including high definition videos. Batch conversions are also available.
- Cool effects and audios can be added to the videos.
- The AVS Video Converter is easy to use and there are numerous video output formats made available.
- This can also convert videos for several devices like smart phones, mobile phones, PS3, tablets, portable media players and more.
- This vide converter allows users to trim, edit, combine videos and to even delete some parts of it.

- Lacks 2D-3D conversion
- Conversion is a bit slow

Overall, the AVS Video Converter is an excellent tool with great features allowing users to easily convert videos in different formats. This is proven to be a great piece of software that is most suitable for average PC users and professionals as well.


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