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The Rise And Rise Of Internet Radio.

Are you fed up with spending dollar after dollar on building your cd collection? Well perhaps you no longer need to. Today, we have satellite radio as an option offering quality music, but even this is now being out done with the rise of internet radio.

Whether it is the wide spectrum of music that is available or the sheer number of stations that can be accessed that motivates you, Internet Radio is beating all other music sources. As the internet becomes more and more accessible around the world, so internet radio grows in its influence. There is still tough competition from traditional fixed-base, line-of-site, transmission radio stations but its popularity just keeps growing.

Until recently, as long as you had access to an internet connection and a computer, whether that be a desktop, laptop, notebook or smartphone, you could listen to almost any type of music at any time by browsing online and finding a suitable internet radio website. On the one hand, this meant you didn't need to carry a small transistor radio (or even a large 'Boom box') with you to listen to favorite music. On the other hand, when at home do you feel more comfortable using a computer for listening to a radio broadcast or a traditional radio set?

The good news here is that most domestic radio set manufacturers now offer models that incorporate internet connectivity and Internet Radio tuners in addition to traditional AM/FM/DAB wavebands. A typical modern internet radio currently available is illustrated in the following video:

The great benefit of this development is that it gives the best of both worlds. You can listen to the direct transmissions from your local or national radio stations with their comfortable, regular and familiar broadcasting schedules or you can browse the over 20,000 extra internet radio stations now available to you. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for something different, or a particular niche station you can use for backgound mood. Whether its classical, country, jazz or hip-hop, it will be out there.

One benefit most people are grateful for is that unlike terrestrial radio stations, Internet Radio is not saturated with commercial breaks. Those stations that are associated with the large established broadcasters do carry over their advertising contacts, but in the main the multitude of internet radio stations are either too small an operation to attract advertisers (despite potentially having a 'global' reach), or are broadcasting because they love the subject matter and are not necessarily looking for a business return.

Another reason Internet Radio is rising in popularity is the cultural impact of being able to listen to radio stations from all around the world with the same reception quality. The more you listen to local music, played locally in any overseas country, the more you get to understand the culture and feel for the peoples of that country.

All of this clearly brings a new dimension to traditional radio broadcasting. Now, you don't need to switch off the radio and turn on the CD player or other music source to play high quality music from your collection because you have it available in abundance from one source - Internet Radio.

Should you be interested in researching modern Internet Radios, I suggest you might wish to browse this site, where you will find news and comment on the best Internet Radios currently available.


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