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Why Everyone Who Owns An Apple Watch And Iphone Should Buy The Xstand

You have just purchased an iPhone and your Apple watch. They are probably you first Apple products to use and you are a bit confused. The watch does not seem to hold the charge for long and neither does the phone. Even worse, you have to keep going downstairs or upstairs, because that is where the charging cables are. If you are tired of all that, purchase the Apple watch and iPhone Xstand.

Here is why

It is portable

Carrying cables around the entire house or when on a trip can be disorienting. If anything, you are not even sure that the plane you will get on will have charging ports. Woe unto you if your mode of transport is a bus. We all know most of them do not have charging ports.

The XStand is fitted with features that enable you to carry it around with ease. Some are flexible and can be carried in ones pocket. This means that not only will you be able to travel light but also get your watch and phone charged adequately.


Apple watch and iPhones are very elegant in nature. Such attractive devices deserve a certain level of pampering. They are of great value as compared to other brands. As such, you need to find an equally attractive stand that befits the attractiveness of you phone and watch.

The designs used in coming up with the Apple watch and iPhone Xstand are very elegant and sophisticated. It is not about the complexity of the stand, but more about the materials used and the colors provided. As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Do not be in a rush choosing a stand in the name of getting a fancy one; make sure that the color and making of it is compatible with your phone and watch.

It reduces clutter on your home desk

Clutter is usually as a result of paperwork, many books, magazines or newspapers that you read every day. These, coupled with an ill placed iPhone, laptop, watch and tablet, can create the worst clutter ever. You run the risk of misplacing vital things in the heap of things on your desk.

The XStand is created in a manner that ensures its stability. Just as the name suggests, it stands in the shape of an X, which is very stable. There is no danger of it toppling over with your devices on it. There will be no dangling cables to be seen. In addition, the number of cables on your desk reduces as the stand provides only one cable for the phone and magnetic cords for your watch.


Being able to use your phone as it charges without necessarily holding it should be your driving force towards purchasing the iPhone and Apple watch XStand. You can place your phone in any position you see fit and comfortable to you. You can place it vertically or horizontally, your choice. Using your phone as it charges is safe. But the best thing is that the Apple watch and iPhone XStand can charge both devices together, at the same time.

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