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Internet Connection For The Countrysid

Providing internet access to rural areas and other remote locations has been the bane of every DSL high speed

internet provider. Investing in establishment of communication facilities is impractical and simply not

feasible. The low concentration of population and even lower prospective subscribers deter any chance that

remote areas will be provided with high speed internet connectivity. Any bold venture that would attempt to

establish the necessary infrastructures has to commit to years of gaining back the expended capital. Even after

breaking even, the profit will be too slow to even cover the cost of equipment and structure maintenance.

Satellite internet service providers address this void left in the countryside by DSL internet providers. It

has been around for quite some time but only recently gained traction with their rapid system and software

upgrades. Previous speeds were only fast enough to do simple functions over the internet. VoIP (Voice Over IP)

was frustratingly impossible and was years behind in communication quality compared to the usual phone service.

Back then it was as impractical for regular subscribers as much as it is impractical for DSL providers to

invest. The internet connection speed was too slow especially for the noticeably high price tag that comes with

it. Only large businesses who really need to connect their remote offices and branches to their VPN (Virtual

Private Network) have the resources to spend.

These days, satellite broadband internet providers have greatly improved their services. The high cost of

subscriptions is no longer an issue as it was before. System upgrades have pushed their performance to speeds

that rival entry-level DSL subscriptions. Even with the imposed monthly data cap, subscribers are happily

taking advantage of the opportunity to connect to the web at speeds that enable all internet functions that DSL

subscribers also enjoy.

Top review sites have established two strong and reliable satellite internet service providers as the best

among the rest. Both vying for the number one provider are Hughesnet and Exede. Aggregate reviews from

different websites suggest that the two satellite internet providers almost tie at first place. Subscribers are

satisfied with the download speeds that hit two digits of Mbps. The added features also make sure that loyal

customers stay loyal, and skeptic customers convert.

Exede in particular provides free internet hours wherein their data counter does not add up to their monthly

limit. The given time is from twelve midnight until 5am. Numerous subscribers of Exede also state that the
href="">advertised internet speed
does not do the actual speed any justice. Advertised

speed of Exede's download and upload are 12Mbps and 3Mbps respectively. However, the average of reports from

different subscribers clock their speed at 17Mbps and 4.8Mbps. On top of that, their speed is the same across

all of their packages.

Hughesnet is another top site that provides more than adequate speed to use internet applications and features

efficiently. Advertised as 10Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds, subscribers reinforce the given

information. There are also numerous options for internet packages that prospective subscribers can choose from

according to their lifestyle.

Countless possibilities for improvements open up for rural areas that are given internet access. Almost all

industries are now utilizing the internet to function properly. Giving the rural communities this much needed

service ensures that they will not be left out of the information age.