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Which Is Best: Cable Tv Or Satellite Tv?

Satellite TV vs Cable Fees

The fees for cable TV in the US, on average, is $39.99 each month. The setup in one room is $39.99, in addition to $9.95 for every aditional room that you want to have satellite TV services in..

The satellite television fees from Dish Network is $31.99 each month for a pack of 60 channels, while DirecTV prices are $41.99 each month for the pack of 115 channels. Both of these offer free satellite TV equipment and installation in as many as 4 rooms.

Satellite TV versus Cable TV programming

Cable TV in many areas provides nearly as many TV channels as satellite television and they're broadcasted in over the air or analog format. In case you want to have digital sound and picture quality, then you'll need to pay an extra amount, normally $ 10-$ 15 each month.

Satellite TV versus cable TV equipment choices

With satellite TV, you require satellite TV receivers and satellite TV dish, and both DirecTV as well as Dish Network provide the equipment in addition to the setup for free. With Dish Network, you are offered an HDTV receiver and a DVR at no additional cost, whilst direct TV costs to $99 for HDTV receivers & $49.99 for DVR receivers.

Satellite TV versus Cable TV customer satisfaction and reliability

Cable TV outages average around 3 percent to 5 percent each year. According to J.D. Power & Associates, cable TV companies are not so good when it comes to customer satisfaction rate.

Satellite television outages around 1 percent. According to J.D. Power & Associates, you are likely to get much higher consumer satisfaction rate from DirecTV and the Dish Network as compared to any other cable television companies in the market today.


For those who want to watch just a few TV shows each week and live in a region where it is not possible to get digital signal and cable television costs no more than $20 each month, then cable might be a suitable choice for you.

On contrary, if you wish to enjoy different types of movies, sports, shows and news for a reasonable amount of cash ... Want to watch your favorite shows in digital format & a choice to watch them in high definition format & record them using a DVR receiver, then you must absolutely go with satellite TV.